This main grain crop is common in many countries of the world. There are about 30 varieties and many of them are cereal crop, presented in two main forms: spring and winter wheat. Wheat heads in height can reach 2 meters. Wheat grains are used in manufacture of bakery and confectionery goods, pasta, and various cereals.
Class - 3,4,5
Varieties - soft and hard
Protein - 10-17.5% Gluten - 16-36% Vitreousness 40-80%.
Country of origin - Kazakhstan. STRK/ ISO/ICC quality


It’s a valuable food, fodder and industrial crop. The grain is used for production barley and pearl barley, concentrated feed, barley malt for brewing industry.
Food, fodder, brewing crop.
Protein - 10-13% Humidity - max. 14%
Country of origin - Kazakhstan. STRK/ ISO/ICC quality
Food and feed crop
Protein - 10-13%, starch - 40-45% Humidity - max. 14%


Country of origin - Kazakhstan. STRK/ ISO/ICC quality
Country of origin - Kazakhstan. STRK/ ISO/ICC quality
The grain of rye is subjected to grinding, as a result rye flour is obtained. Any kind of bakery products is prepared from rye flour. Rye products are often used as components of medical and dietary nutrition.
Grain crop and high-value food product. Oat is widely used not only for grain in all the countries in animal husbandry, but also for green fodder, hay, haylage, silage, grass meal and monofood.
Food and fodder crop


Sunflower seed

Sunflower seeds, along with soybeans, rapeseed, peanuts, flax and sesame, is in the TOP-6 oilseeds that provide industrial production of vegetable oils on a global scale. The stems and leaves are used to feed farm animals. Selection has increased oil content of the seeds from 30% to over 50%, which has led to transformation of annual sunflower into one of the leading oilseeds in the world.
Humidity- max. 9% Oil content - 42-52% Weed impurity - max. 3%
Country of origin - Kazakhstan. STRK/ ISO/ICC quality

Bast Fiber

Popular plant crop that is found almost all over the world. One of the most common subspecies of this plant is oil flax, which can sprout even in sandy and arid soil. This valuable plant is grown not only for oil, but also for production of fabrics, paper, cardboard and even building boards.
Humidity - no more than 9%. The content of weed and oil impurities (in total) is not more than 5%. Oil content is 38-45%.


Country of origin - Kazakhstan. STRK/ ISO/ICC quality
Country of origin - Kazakhstan. STRK/ ISO/ICC quality
Traditional oilseed crop grown not only in America, Asia and Australia, but also in Kazakhstan. Rapeseed has useful properties and is used in cooking, medicine, cosmetology and even in metallurgy. Interest in rapeseed will grow, as there is no alternative to this crop. Rapeseed is the plant of the future, with great potential that has only recently been appreciated.
Oil content - 38-45% Humidity - max. 9% Weed impurity - max. 3%


Most common grain legume with high nutritional value. Pea seeds are easily digested and well absorbed by the human body.
Food crop. Class - 1.2
Protein - from 23% Humidity - max. 14%


Valuable food and fodder crop, is previously known only in Asia and Africa, bit gaining its popularity in Kazakhstan now. Traditional medicine knows the use of chickpeas like protecting eyes from such a terrible disease as cataracts.
Food crop


Protein - from 24%
Humidity - max. 14%.
Eatable legume is high in protein. The seeds contain up to 36% protein, up to 2% fat and up to 60% carbohydrates. In terms of taste, lentils are superior to many grain legumes. It’s possible to cook soup, mashed potatoes from lentils, eat it as a side dish. Cutlets and even healthy bread are also made from it. It is cooked quickly enough, is relatively inexpensive and contains many substances necessary for the body.
Red, green crop
Colour - uniform
Country of origin - Kazakhstan. STRK/ ISO/ICC quality
Country of origin - Kazakhstan. STRK/ ISO/ICC quality
Country of origin - Kazakhstan. STRK/ ISO/ICC quality

Unrefined Sunflower Oil

Unrefined oil is called unrefined. It means that it undergoes minimal processing to retain more valuable substances. The most valuable is cold-pressed oil, for which a special press is used, and the oil does not heat up at all. Unrefined cold-pressed oil retains maximum of useful substances, including oleic acid, which is necessary for immunity.

Flaxseed oil

It’s edible oil that is in demand as food supplement and source of α-linolenic acid (omega-3 fatty acid). Flaxseed oil is used in various fields, from cooking to skin care, as it has a lot of useful properties. Flaxseed oil can also be added to cottage cheese and sauces. This oil is often added to baked goods for a special flavor and a yellowish-orange hue.

Rapeseed Oil

Rapeseed oil was used only for technical purposes until the 1960s: in textile and leather industries, in soap making and in the production of drying oil. Rapeseed oil began to be used as food in the 2nd half of the 20th century, after development of new selective varieties. Researches have revealed the quality of rapeseed oil in decreasing total and bad cholesterol.

Sunflower Cake

Sunflower and flaxseed substance

Feed Meal

Sunflower substance
It’s a by-product obtained after extraction of oil from oilseeds. Concentrated food is rich in protein and fat. Sunflower cake is used for feeding pigs, cattle and chickens. It is healthy, nutritious and cheap food that is available all year round. You can get the product not only from black seeds, but also from other oil plants.
Valuable high-protein feed product is rich in proteins necessary for the growth of pets. Feed meals are products obtained during processing of crops to extract vegetable oil. After processing, up to 1,5 % of fats remain in wastes, which is not much, unlike cake, where this ratio can reach 40%.
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